Hello, I’m Jarred Decker. I’m the proud new owner of Photo to Canvas.

As a professional photographer, I have a love for printing and seeing images apart from a screen. As a carpenter of 20 years, I also have a love for wood, and constructing. After being a customer of Photo to Canvas, I decided to take the company over when the opportunity arose, allowing me to combine these passions into a new career. The film industry is where I was for the past decade, and the fluctuations of work combined with the brutal hours had left me searching for something that I would enjoy consistently, and also allow me to spend more time with my family.

I live in North Portland with my lovely wife Elizabeth, and our two year old daughter Olive. I currently operate Photo to Canvas from my home. It provides a bit of isolation during these crazy times, and also makes my schedule much more adaptable to the crazy demands of a two year old!