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Who We Are.

View our detailed guide below to see a breakdown of how much our canvas and paper prints cost per-inch.

  • Professional Artwork Digitization

    Artwork is photographed with a 61 megapixel camera, and professionally color calibrated. The customer is given a high res TIFF file as well as a jpeg.
    $75 (Additional $25)
  • High Resolution Scanning

    $20 (Up to 8.5”x11”)
  • 35mm Negative Scanning

    $1.50 per frame
  • 120 Negative Scanning

    $2.50 per frame
  • 35mm Slide Scanning

    $3.00 per frame
  • 120 Slide Scanning

    $4.00 per frame
  • Passport Photos

    $20.00 for 2 printed copies
    Appointments preferred, but not necessary.