Artist Reproductions: Quality Prints of Works of Art

High Resolution Giclee Reproductions

Whether you are looking to reproduce a piece of art from the 19th century or from yesterday, Photo-to-Canvas is an expert in producing printed digitized art; and will ensure the most faithful reproduction possible, with focus on color and materials that gve depth and durability.

Whether you are looking for a classic reproduction or a personal one, Photo-to-Canvas has you covered.

Printing Digitized Art: Artist Reproductions

As an artist, it is not always easy to replicate your work. One option is to have a giclee reproduction produced. A Giclee refers to the process of reproducing works of art through inkjet printing. Artists who are interested in reproducing their work onto a canvas must first have a digital image of the work.  Please note that Photo-to-Canvas does not digitize art, but we are happy to research and recommend someone to help you.  In the Portland area, we recommend Dan Kvitka Photography.  Dan has a studio in the Ford Building in southeast Portland and has tons of experience shooting artwork.  He is reasonably priced, producing top-quality digital images in a timely manner.

With the digital image in hand, we can reproduce your image to your specifications. Color is the most important aspect when it comes to reproducing art, and Photo-to-Canvas uses industry-leading color matching technology. We use color profiles for our canvas and large paper prints that were made specifically for the printers and materials we use. Quality and satisfaction are top of mind in everything we do.

Printing Digitized Art: Classic Works

Photo=To-Canvas can produce realistic representation of a classic by Cezanne or Monet? If the image from the original work of art is within the public domain, it’s free for us to use and reproduce. If an artist has been deceased for over 70 years, their work can be reproduced without paying royalties. Photo-to-Canvas has access to websites that can provide high quality digital files, allowing us to reproduce and create the perfect giclee.

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