Hey Alphonse,

 I’d really like to print my iPhone photos on paper or canvas but I’m afraid they will be too small.  How large can I print photos from my phone?


George J, Portland

Hi George,

We receive this question more than anything else and it also can be one of the toughest to explain. To understand how your image will be affected, you have to understand the process we use to enlarge photos.

If you give Photo to Canvas your originals and they need to be expanded, we use interpolation to fit them to the print size you chose without losing quality. When you interpolate an image, you add pixels that match in color to the image to expand it to a printable size. This keeps images sharp as their size grows, instead of looking pixelated.

As seen in the chart below, newer phones’ original image files have over 12 million pixels, which is a great place to start for printing. Without changing anything, you can print at close to 300 ppi in the dimensions below. However, using the process described above, we can enlarge phone images to the size of your choosing within the dimensions below.  So now you can print pretty much any size you like whether it’s on canvas or photo paper.  If you’re n0t sure, shoot me an email and we’ll figure out the perfect size!

Hey Alphonse,
My husband and I are both avid travelers, who love to take photos while on vacation! He has an iPhone 6+ and I just got the 7+. Should we both upgrade to the iPhone 8 to take better photos?Thanks,

Marcy P., Santa Cruz, Cali.

Hey Marcy,

I always like to say, the best camera you have is the one you have on hand! We’ve come a long way with iPhone photography, so you’re sure to get great images from the iPhone 6 on.

In terms of upgrading, like the iPhone 7, iPhone 8 has a 12-megapixel back-facing camera with ƒ/1.8 aperture and digital zoom capabilities up to 5x. It also still has optical image stabilization, a quad-LED True Tone flash, noise reduction, auto HDR, and all of the other marquee iPhone 7 camera features.

The camera really isn’t that much better than what you have with the iPhone 7. The 8 Plus’ Sony sensor is more power efficient and captures “deeper” pixels than the iPhone 7 Plus, as you can see from the photo below’s bright colors and richness.

example shot from iPhone 8

This will be a major camera upgrade if you are going from the iPhone 6 or any older models, like your husband’s phone.  However, if you have the 7, then I’d splurge on the iPhone X later this month or wait until next September when they come out with the iPhone 9.

Happy Shooting!