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Quick, Cheap, and Easy Photo Mount Idea!

I often want to see an image I take printed, but don’t have any extra frames lying around to display them. This video shows you a method I use to display images for a very low cost. Fun to make as well! All you need is some foam core, spray glue, and a print!

Extensive Photo Library Available

I’ve been a photographer since around 2013. Its actually how I met Alphonse, and was introduced to Photo to Canvas. Printing my own photos is what made my interest in printing grow. And its still a major part of my photographic career. One of the big advantages of owning Photo to Canvas is when people […]

Which iMac do I need for Adobe Lightroom?

  Last year I upgraded my 2014 5K iMac to a 2019 i9, maxed out. I ran some tests, and decided to return the computer. After running some more tests, I decided to purchase a lower model saving hundreds of dollars. I created some video reviews so people using Adobe Lightroom could get an idea […]

HUGE Historical Photos

Many thanks to Jed Brown the director of operations at the historical Hood River Hotel in downtown Hood River, for selecting me as his canvas maker of choice to do this large project. The HRH will be installing 4’x8′ canvases in rooms and around the hotel in the coming months. I’ve had a lot of […]

Capturing Fall Color

Capturing fall color is one of my favorite times to shoot photographs. When you see a tree with vibrant yellow, orange and red leaves you feel the desire to grab your camera. Some people are lucky enough to live in Colorado or any state in New England, where you don’t need to travel to see […]

Cuba Carvings Pix

Photo to Canvas (PTC) recently printed copies on luster paper for photographer Martin Pall.  All of these images are from his recent trip to Cuba.  These are all wood carving panels on doorways.  Absolutely exquisite details in working with the grain of the wood.  I really love them, thanks Martin and hope you have success […]