Extensive Photo Library Available

I’ve been a photographer since around 2013. Its actually how I met Alphonse, and was introduced to Photo to Canvas.

Printing my own photos is what made my interest in printing grow. And its still a major part of my photographic career. One of the big advantages of owning Photo to Canvas is when people order my prints I get to print them myself!

Portland at Sunrise

Cannon Beach, Oregon

Silver Falls, Oregon

I was primarily a landscape photographer until the birth of my daughter in 2018, when life basically led me into shooting portraits. Of my 90,000 image library, I would guess 75,000 of the photos are of her! Just kidding, but there are a lot! I spent my time shooting primarily the Pacific Northwest, and also Hawaii, Alaska, Montana, and a few other areas. Eventually I ended up shifting my focus closer to home shooting more urban themed photographs. And last year I really got into aerial work, as my brother having a pilots license gives me a very unique perspective of our beautiful region.

Sauvie Island at Sunrise

So it you are looking for wall art, but you don’t actually have the photo, consider one of mine! You can check out a selection of my work here-


If you see an image you are interested in, take note of the title, and shoot me an email at sales@photo-to-canvas.com to discuss pricing. I also have thousands of photos not on the site, so feel free to inquire. If you see a photo on my website, please do not purchase it directly as I don’t get to print those, and lose a large commission to my web provider. I haven’t been able to redo my website allowing Photo to Canvas to print those photos directly, and it may be some time before I can make that happen. One day I am hoping to incorporate art for sale on the Photo to Canvas site!

St Johns Bridge and Mt Hood

Thank you for your support!