What's best for you?

Mirror vs Image Wrap

When getting photo on canvas one of the most often asked question is: Should I go with the mirror wrap option or the image wrap, and what’s the difference?  So I thought I’d clear things up as much as I can.   Looking at this image you can see that the image on the left might look funny in 2D, but the blue lines indicate where the image gets wrapped around the sides.  You don’t lose any of your photo with this mirror wrap and it is what we recommend 95% of the time.  On the right you can see that if you chose this option, the image itself gets wrapped around the frame and you will lose 2″ of your image on all 4 sides.  This only works if the focal point is in the middle and you don’t care about what gets lost as it wraps around.  Hope this visual helps you understand these two options.  Thanks and happy shooting!

You can also see the differences in this handy dandy quick video!