0.75 inches (Thin) is best for small framed images like 8x10s or slightly larger or if you plan on having an external frame put on after purchase.

1.5 inches (Standard) is our standard frame and looks best on all canvases.

2.5 inches (Thick) is also available. This option looks great on really big canvases.


We place a full image on the front of the canvas, all the way to the edges. Then we duplicate a 2” edge on all four sides and reflect them around the edges. With this technique you do not lose any of your original photo. This is the most frequently requested canvas wrap and ideal for 95% of our customers.


We take the full image and wrap the canvas around the frame. It is important to note that this only works with images that you can lose 2” of your photo on all four sides. This is perfect when the focal point of your image is in the center of the canvas, allowing the edges to just wrap around the canvas in a smooth continuation of the image. If you have details on the edges of you image that you don’t want to lose, then we would recommend the Mirror Image Wrap instead.


This option allows you to select any border color for the edges of your canvas wrap. This is an elegant, crisp finishing look for your images, and particularly striking with black and white prints. This is a good idea if you are looking at placing multiple pieces of canvas art on a wall, providing clean edges to all of your images.


By dividing one image into several you can create a unique canvas show piece. Group your photo panels in as many pieces as you want, vary the heights to add dramatic flair, or increase the space you can fill with the photo splits. However you imagine enlarging your photos to create dramatic photo groupings is completely up to you.

Each of our canvas prints in your panel group is custom made to your specifications. Do you want them all uniform in shape? That works. Want them to vary in height to create a focal point? Okay. There are limitless options for your creativity to come alive on your walls.