Photography Services - Photo To Canvas

Photography services, preserve your memories.

Photography with a passion for capturing the essence of every subject, we are dedicated to creating images that tell your unique story.

Studio Headshots

$150 for a 15 minute session

Justin specializes in creating captivating headshots that reflect your unique personality. He understands the power of a first impression, and our uses expert lighting, composition, and direction to produce headshots that make a lasting impact.

Senior School Photos

$150 - $250

Our senior school photography services are all about celebrating your journey and looking forward to the exciting chapters ahead. As you step into the next phase of life, let us freeze this moment of accomplishment with stunning portraits that reflect your unique personality and style.

$150 in studio, $200 on location at Cathedral or Columbia Park (up to 30 minutes). $250 for a 15 minute session in studio and a location session.

Family Portraits

$275 for 30 minutes

Our family photography services are designed to capture the warmth and love that bind your family together. JustinĀ  understands that every family is unique, and we specialize in creating timeless portraits that showcase your relationships and personalities.

Family Quick Session

$150 for 15 minutes

Memories in minutes. Our quick family photography services are designed for those precious moments when time is of the essence. In just a short session, we will expertly capture the love, laughter, and connection that define your family.

Pet Photography

$150 for a 15 minute session

Unleash the joy and love of your furry companions with our exceptional pet photography services. Justin understands the unique bond you share with your pets, and we are dedicated to capturing their personalities in every frame.

Meet The Photograpgher

About Justin Carter

Justin Carter is a photographer from California currently living in Portland, OR. He has a passion for landscape, nature and portrait photography as well as retouching. Justin's passion for nature comes from his childhood home that was able to see the Sierra Nevadas clear and far in the distance. The wonders of what the hills and mountains had in store always had him captivated for year's. With a few areas of California covered, Justin now traverses Oregon and Washington.

Currently working on a new portfolio, @jc_works_ will be showing past works of retouching alongside new work made here in Portland. Having a Bachelors in Professional Photography, he is always willing to take on any project or idea.