This pictures hangs on the wall behind the desk in our home office, and my eyes fall on it regularly.

It reminds me of our family’s spring break trips to Kauai when our girls were 5 and 7.  It doesn’t feel like that long ago—and I haven’t aged at all ;-)—but my daughters look so little and cute to me!  With their chubby cheeks and open curiosity, they were in the full swing of childhood.

These captured moments remind me of all the special pre-dawn adventures I had with my girls while Lia caught a few extra winks.

Even though I work hard to stay in the present and not spend too much energy thinking about the past or the future, I find that pictures like these actually help me remember what’s important.  It’s not the bad expensive meal we had at the tourist trap, or the rain that fell when we weren’t expecting it – it’s sharing the adventure as a family and savoring who and where we are today.

One thing is for sure – tomorrow will look different than today!

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