Artwork Digitization

Aside from printing paper and canvas prints, Photo to Canvas offers the digitization of you art. Whether it be prints created from film, paintings, block prints, or other types of media. We are setup to do high quality professional photographs of your prints. The end result is a 42 megapixel TIFF file that you will own. I will keep a backup copy on file in case you need to place print orders.

My fee for this is a $50 setup fee, and $25 per piece of art up to 24″x36″. You only pay the setup fee once per shoot. So for example, 3 pieces of art would cost $125. Thats the setup fee plus 3x$25. Email to discuss your order!

art by Elizabeth Armstrong

Canvas Stretching

Are you an artist that doesn’t have the means to stretch your own canvas? We offer the service of stretching your canvas over our stretcher bars. We do not stock canvas aside from our photo printing canvas, so you need to supply your own. Rates for this depend on the number of pieces being done, so email us at to discuss pricing.