The Ultimate Photo Paper Guide

You have a fantastic photo that you want to print… So, what’s next? When you shop a discount printing service, limited paper choices mean that your print may not pop like it would on quality materials. At Photo To Canvas, we don’t just create the best prints, we want to make sure you choose the right materials for your project. Learn more about the best uses of our high-quality photo paper below!

The Difference between Our Glossy and Luster Papers

Our Breathing Color Vibrance Gloss and Vibrance Luster papers are both compatible with all photo prints and showcase portrait and landscape photography perfectly, but there are subtle differences in the final paper. Gloss papers have a high sheen that you know from most photo prints. This is great for high-contrast images or photos where you want the contrast to really pop, like macro images, nature or landscapes, or other colorful pictures.

Luster paper has a slight texture and is more matte. It’s a bit reflective, but nowhere near a glossy paper. This can be useful when you plan to frame an image, or you want more subdued contrast and colors, with softer lines. Luster paper is great for black and white images, portraits and wedding photographs.

For Sharp, Clean Lines, Use Cotton Smooth Paper

Like matte paper, our Moab Estrada 100% cotton smooth paper is more textured, which allows for a crisp absorption of ink. Its composition can hold a large amount of ink. This paper is also made in the USA, which means you can feel good about the quality and supporting American jobs.

Saturate and Shine with Metallic Paper

Our Breathing Color Vibrance Metallic paper is… Metallic! Which means it has a chrome-like color and higher shine. Not only does this paper have an other-worldly sheen, the chrome base makes photos more vivid and bring contrast to dark and light features in a photo. Metallic is great for making skin tone pop in portraits, bringing out details, as well as creating unique prints from high-contrast images.

Art Peels: High-Quality Photos that Stick to the Wall!

Our art peels from Breathing Color are great for anyone with an online print shop that wants to expand their merchandise. Created from an adhesive Inkjet Wall fabric, art peels can be affixed to a wall and removed, leaving no damage! This paper is 314 GSM, or grams per square meter, meaning that it can handle deep, rich colors, much like a cotton or matte paper. It’s great for landscapes, graphic designs and other art people want to affix to their wall! We also drop ship and can custom label your packages, saving your customers and you time and money!

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